Sex Positions That Men Love The Most

There was a time when people confined themselves to very few positions in sex. It is because they did not know that sex is a huge ocean and there is a lot that can be done to make thing better.

The boom of the internet and porn has paved ways for people to experiment a lot in sex and come with new things especially sex positions. In this article, we will see the sex positions that men love the most.


No matter how many positions come and go, cowgirl will always be the most favorite position for men. All the men in the world know the reason for it. The sight of the girl on top is something that cannot be explained in words. It offers the kind of pleasure that cannot be compared with anything else in their world. It is also advantageous for the girl as she can get great orgasms. In this position, man can enjoy and feel the entire upper body of the woman which is a great plus in the position.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is one of the sex positions that was, is and always will be one of the most preferred sex positions. Penetrating in this position actually gives a lot of pleasure. In this position, the man will able to enjoy a lot of assets of the women. The hands can enjoy the upper part of the body of the woman, and the lower body of both will be in complete contact. This is one of the most preferred because it is one of the easiest positions where men can involve in hard thrusting. Things like spanking and hair pulling can be easily done in this position.

Lotus sex position

This one of the most preferred sex position for both men and women because it is one position where you can have eye contact and exhibit a lot of intimacy. It is a position which involves fornication in the sitting position. The woman will be sitting on the man’s lap facing each other. It is a sex position in which the major part of the body will be contacted and rubbing each other especially the chest area which men love like anything. If you are a person who expects a bit of intimacy during sex, this is the ideal sex position for you. Some of the Birmingham escort agencies have advised their escorts to indulge in this particular position when the client chooses the girlfriend experience.

Inverted Rear

The inverted rear is definitely the dream position for many men because all men in the world love to enjoy the back view of women and enjoy the assets. The inverted rear is loved by most men because of the amazing view that it offers of the back of their sex partner. It might be a bit hard to do it on the bed; it will be very comfortable doing it on the couch. It is one of those positions that is gaining a lot of popularity among people.

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