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The Best And Steamiest Services An Escort Can Offer- Guide 101

Creating role-playing scenarios during sexual encounters have been around for as long as people could use their imaginations. They are often based on fictional personalities, erotic storylines, and TV, Movie people that you can’t really have sex with. Sometimes your significant other may be up for this if they are, then you’re lucky. Many Birmingham escorts have stated that roleplaying request is one that keeps recurring in the list of demands that escorts receive while meeting their clients, and most escorts don’t mind one bit, they say its actually fun for them. Most clients apparently ask for traditional fantasies like sex with a doctor, nurse, teacher, cheerleader, boss, maid, superhero, celebrity, etc.

To combat some stale ideas for role-playing encounters with the clients, escorts reveal that its best to have a list ready for them to choose from. And of course, they may not love every scenario; they say it is better than living out the same role again and again.

Here are some roles that escort offer or ones that you can request/demand them for.


  1. For the adventure theme, you can ask for Tarzan and Jane. It really is an exciting role to play out.
  2. If you want to go the superhero route, you can try Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, and a couple more.
  3. One that is very popular with escorts is the repair guy coming to your house to fix something and the housewife, completely head over heels lusts after him. This can also include, plumber, electrician, cable person, pool boy, and some other household equipment fixing person roles. You can start by flirting with them and later pretend to accidentally initiate physical contact with them whether the client initiates it or the escort is up to you.
  4. Any role-playing scenario that includes a person with a uniform is considered to be very desirable and attractive. For instance, a fireman, policeman, prison guard, prisoner, soldier, pilot, pizza delivery boy, etc all of these can be used in your fantasies and will surely be exciting to play them out.
  5. Science fiction has had a lot of impact on the people who are in their 20s-40s nowadays. Everyone loves the Sci-Fi genre. They also are hugely successful in the box office, which is why fantasies including characters from Star Wars (Princess Leia in the gold bikini was one of THE most famous fantasies that all straight men wanted to experience), Star Trek, Avatar, Jurassic World, Interstellar, literally ALL Marvel movies, etc are immensely popular, and you will assuredly have a great time. You can adorn yourself with clothes that match these characters and play the roles. Sometimes these costumes may be expensive, but you can rent them.

Keeping in mind what your client picks, escorts have to use their imagination and encourage themselves to be comfortable and have the best time.

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