Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

Many home sellers pay a standard 3% real estate commission when selling their homes. However, due to rising home prices and increased competition among agents, the standard rate is becoming increasingly hard to justify. As a result, most sellers pay less than 6% in total. If you are considering selling your home without a realtor, view their full list of features and be aware that you are more likely to receive a lower price if you negotiate with your agent.

5%-6% of a home’s selling price

A typical commission for a real estate agent is between 5% and 6% of a home’s selling price. In some states, the buyer is not responsible for paying these fees. In these cases, the homeowner pays the agent with the proceeds from the sale of the home. However, agents may charge a flat fee instead of collecting a percentage. And if you have a higher selling price, you can choose to pay less.

While most agents charge a commission of 5% to 6% of a home’s selling price, it is possible to negotiate this amount upfront. For example, a $4 million home might sell for $6 million, but a listing agent might only charge the seller a commission of 4% to 5%. If both the buyer and seller have a Realtor from the same brokerage, there’s more room to negotiate on the commission.

If you’re selling your home for more than the house is worth, you’ll want to negotiate the agent’s commission to reflect that. Although this may seem high at first glance, this percentage is not a big deal. While most realtors charge between 5% and 6% of the selling price, you’ll end up paying more than 1% of the sales price.


When you’re planning to sell your home, one of the first things you should know is that the commission rate for real estate agents is a negotiable percentage. While most agents charge six percent of the sale price, you can always negotiate this amount. The percentage should be negotiated as the lower the commission, the better, but it’s also essential to remember that agents have bills to pay, so lowering it will mean less money for you.

Although the commission rates for realtors are largely a matter of negotiation, the actual rate will depend on several factors. For example, the price of the home will influence the amount of the realtor’s commission, as a high-priced home can earn him or her a fatter paycheck. Therefore, it is important to consider the current market conditions when negotiating your realtor’s commission rate. Listed homes typically fetch higher commission rates than those in low-priced areas.

When negotiating commission rates, remember that it is easier to negotiate a lower commission rate when the home is worth more than two hundred thousand dollars. While a small percentage of a $1 million sale is more attractive to a realtor, a commission rate of two thousand dollars could still be better for you. In addition, a small percentage of a $200,000 sale can represent the same amount. And don’t settle for the first realtor you see. There are many choices out there.

FSBOs sell for less money than homes sold by realtors

FSBOs typically sell for less money than homes sold by realtors in Fairfax VA, a fact that is often tweeted by real estate agents. Although a FSBO saves the seller money on commission, that doesn’t necessarily translate to more money in the sale. According to one study, a typical FSBO sold for $184,000, while a typical home sold by a realtor made $230,000.

While selling your home yourself may be tempting, it’s not for the faint of heart. The process is time-consuming, can be stressful, and requires considerable expertise. If you are selling a home on your own, you need to know your market value and what you can afford to give up to get it sold quickly. A realtor will help you avoid these pitfalls, but the effort can pay off in the long run.

One study by the real estate industry found that FSBOs typically sell for less than homes sold by realtors. This was based on an analysis of real estate sales across thirteen counties in the U.S., controlling for the age and type of property. It also found that FSBOs were more likely to make mistakes in their disclosures, which may result in lawsuits after the fact.

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